Extract/Get String After First Space/Blank In Excel

In this post we will see how we could extract the string after first space in excel.

We have value in a cell delimited by spaces and we want to extract the text after first space is encountered in excel.

Below is the data in column A and we want to get the value after the first space in excel, the desired output is in column B as you could see the string before the first space is removed and rest all are available in column B.

We could break this problem into parts and then start working around it.

So first we will have to figure out the position of the space in our string, to do that we will use Find function in excel, and once we have the position we will extract all the texts available towards right side of the space.

Enter the formula =RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2) – FIND(” “, A2)) in cell B2, as you could see we have used find function along with right function to extract string after first space in excel.

Drag the formula to cover the data in column A.

Hope this helped.

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