Delete Non Numeric Values From Numeric Field In Excel

In this post we will see how to delete numeric values from a numeric column, in other words we will remove extract all numeric values from alphanumeric value.

It involves scanning the data in the field and removing non numeric values from them if they do not match [0-9].

Below is the combination of numeric and non numeric values in column A from which we will get numeric values in a column B.

excel data showing non numerical values to be deleted from numerical column

Enter the formula =NPV(-0.9,,IFERROR(MID(A1,1+LEN(A1)-ROW(OFFSET(A$1,,,LEN(A1))),1)%,””)) in cell B1 and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter as this is an array formula.

excel formula to keep numerical values and delete non numerical values

Now copy the formula to the entire range till where you have the data in column A.

Hope this helped.

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