Show Text And Numeric Value In A Cell In Excel

The post demonstrates how to show a numeric value and a text description in a single cell only.

We can achieve the desired result with the help of concatenation or formatting function in excel.


Suppose A1 has some value 212.44 and you want to display that value concatenated with word

“Total: ”

Total: 212.44


=“Total: ”&A1

The problem in this case is that the cell data type will become text and you will not be able to use that in any numeric calculation.

Text Function

We could also use Text function as =TEXT(A1, “”“Total: ”“0.00”) to get the desired result, however it also can’t be used in a calculation. The 0.00 in the formula is the format that we want to use while displaying the data.

Custom Format

If you want to display the text and want to use the value in calculation too, u se custom format in excel to achieve that.

Press CTRL+F1 to open the format option and type “Total: ”0.00 as shown below.


Hope this helped.

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