Extract Number In Bracket In Excel

In this post we will see how to extract text and numbers in brackets in excel.

We are talking about a cell which contains some text and then a number in brackets in excel as shown below.

As you could see, we have a text “Number of Users” and then a number 300 within brackets and our aim here is to separate text and numbers in the bracket into different cells.

We will see simple excel formulae which will help us achieving the desired output as show below.

Step 1

First we will see how we could separate the text part which is not a very complex task, enter the formula

=LEFT(A1,FIND(“(“,A1)-2) in cell B1 as we want to separate the text part in cell B1.

This formula will extract the text before the “(” symbol mas shown below.

Hit enter after you have entered the formula

Step 2

We have extracted the text part and now let’s see how we could extract the numbers within bracket in excel.

Enter the formula =VALUE(MID(A1,FIND(“(“,A1)+1,FIND(“)”,A1)-FIND(“(“,A1)-1)) in cell C1 to extract the number within brackets.

This formula will locate the position of opening brackets and closing brackets and will return the text between them and then convert that text value to number with the help of Value formula in excel.

Hit enter after you have entered the formula

As you could see, we have got the desired output, text and number in brackets in two different cells in excel.

Hope this helped.

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