Excel Pivot Table Interview Questions And Answers

First create a name range using offset function in excel and then base the Pivot Table on that particular name range.
This could happen because may be the new records are outside the range of the pivot table.To fixed that, either use dynamic range to base your pivot table or manually update the pivot data source to include new data.
We can preserve formatting of Pivot Table after the refresh by right clicking on the Pivot Table Go to Pivot Table Options and uncheck "Preserve cell formatting on update" and "Autofit column widths on update"
Disable "Generate GETPIVOTDATA" from Options in Pivot Table.
To auto updated pivot table without using VBA macros right click and go to Pivot Table Options->Data->uncheck "Refresh data when opening the file".
To hide error values in pivot tables, right click pivot table go to Pivot Table Options->Layout & Format->check and enable "For error values show:" option and enter the value in the box just beside that you would like to show in place of error in pivot table e.g. NA,-,blank etc.
With the help of Calculated Field which is available Under Options->Fields, Items & Sets.Suppose you have column Previous Year Value and Current Year Value the n we could calculate the percentage of change by entering formula.
To stop automatic sorting of Pivot Table right click Pivot Table Sort->More Sort Options->More Options and uncheck or disable "Sort automatically every time report is updated"
Every time time your data changes, you need to refresh pivot table. By default, You will have to manually edit the pivot data source if new records are introduced to the table(this could be fixed, see article in this website). By default, Every time pivot table is refreshed, it Auto sorts and Auto Formats the pivot table spoiling your earlier sorting and formatting adjustments(this could be fixed, see article in this website).
We can change the calculation of value field setting by changing the calculation in Value Field Setting . To get the value field setting ,click on the "Sum of Field name" in Values area of pivot table.
While inserting pivot table ,select the option Existing Worksheet and select a cell of your choice in the Location bar of the menu.
We could filter the pivot report for that particular region by placing the region column in the Report Filter area of pivot table and select that particular region from filter drop down.
Select any cell in the pivot table then got to Analyze tab->Insert Slicer. A dialogue box will appear from which you can select the field(s) that you want to include in Slicer.
Select the field on which you want to sort the pivot table and right click ->Sort
Select the pivot table and click on Clear All from Clear option under Option tab in excel. Option tab gets activated as soon as any cell in the pivot is selected.

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