Extract Substring Between Parenthesis In Excel

In this post we will see how to extract substring between parenthesis in excel, the values between the brackets may not be in a standardized form but it could be numeric, alphanumeric or may contain a combination of numeric, non numeric and special character.

The goal is to extract the value between the brackets and store in a different cell using excel formula.

Below is the sample data in cell A1 and we would like to extract the value between the parenthesis “(“

And “)” and cell B1 shows the data between the brackets.

extract data from bracket in excel

We will use the formula =MID(A1, FIND(“(“, A1)+1, FIND(“)”,A1)-FIND(“(“,A1)-1)  in cell B1 to extract the substring between the brackets, the formula uses MID ad FIND function to get the index of “(“ and “)” and extract the string from between them.

You can change the formula to suit your requirement in terms of the type of parenthesis you want to extract the data from , you can replace “(” with any other bracket in the formula.

Enter the formula in cell B1 ad press enter to get the result.

formula showing extracted string from within the bracket in a cell

Hope this helped.

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