Sumif With Logical Operator Greater Than

Let’s see how to use logical operators like greater than or smaller than with the sumif excel formula.

There are instances when we need to apply the logical conditions in our formula to get the desired result.

Below is the data which shows Product’s revenue on a given date.

We will see how to use greater than or smaller than condition with sum if formula by finding the revenue greater than June 26th 2016 in our data.


Enter the formula

=SUMIF($B$2:$B$20,”>”&$F$2,$C$2:$C$20) in the cell G2.

As you could see we have used the greater than symbol “>” and concatenated it (using ampersand) with the date value in cell F2 to make the condition for our revenue.


Similarly you could use all the logical operators and concatenate them with the use of & using quotes and use them in the sumif formula in excel.

Hope this helped.

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