Sum Named Range In Excel

In this post we will see how could we sum a named range in excel.

Name Range is a name assigned to a range of cells in excel, it helps us in using a given range conveniently by mentioning their name rather than range notations like A1:G3 etc..

As you could see below, the range A1:A6 has been assigned name “ToBeSum” we will see in this post how to use name range in an excel formula.

Table showing name range to sum in excel

In the pic above you could see that the name of the range is “ToBeSum” and we want to sum data of a name range in excel.

We will take the example of a sum formula in excel to explain how to use a name range in a formula.

So in this case we will sum the name range “ToBeSum” .

Enter the formula SUM() in cell C6 as shown below and start an open bracket and start typing name of the named range that you would like to use in the excel formula.

In this name I have typed “ToBeSum” and you could see, excel starts recommending available name ranges in the workbook as shown below.

excel formula showing how to use named range in excel

I had just started typing and excel has shown me the available name ranges that starts with “To”

So just press tab to use “ToBeSum” name range in your formula and close the sum formula’s bracket as shown below.

sum formula using named range in excel

Now press Enter and you have added the data in a name range in excel.

Similarly you could use name range in any excel formula just by typing their names and excel will strat showing you the available name ranges in the workbook.

Hope this helped.



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