Stop/Prevent/Disable Automatic Hyperlink In Excel

In this post we will see how we could prevent excel from creating automatic hyperlinks.

As we know that whenever we type some URL in a cell in excel, it converts that into corresponding hyperlink and unnecessarily it redirects us to that link on the web if we clicked that.

One very common example is excel automatically creates hyperlinks for email id’s so whenever we type email id’s excel converts the email id’s into hyperlink.

Below is the pic showing excel converting email id’s and url’s into hyperlinks as we type them.

excel converts email and url into hyperlinks

Let’s see how could we prevent excel from creating hyperlinks from email id’s and url’s by using excel option.

Step 1

Go to Excel Home button (excel file option) and then Option as shown below.

excel option to disable automatic hypelink

Step 2

You will see the excel option window as shown below, now select Proofing from the option and under that select Autocorrect Options

use auto correct option in excel option tab to disable automatic hyperlink creation

Step 3

Now in Autocorrect Options, go to tab “AutoFormat As You Type” as shown below and uncheck the option “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks”

uncheck internet and network path in option to prevent excel from creating hyperlinks

And press OK.

Now type any email address or URL in any cell in excel and it will not create hyperlinks for them.

By using excel options we have prevented excel from creating hyperlinks of email addresses and url’s.

Hope this helped.


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