Split Date And Time In Excel

We will see in this post how to segregate date part and time part from a datetime value in a cell in excel with the help of some basic formulae in excel.

So we have a cell in excel which has both the date and time in it and we want have two column with one containing Date and the other one containing time.

Let’s see how to split date and time in two columns in excel.

Suppose we have a column in that contains the value of date and time as 27-06-2016 09:54 AM, and we want to split the date and time in two different columns.

In the data below, column A contains the date tie value and we would like to have the date in column B and time in column C.


Enter the formula =INT(A2) into cell B2 and formula  =A2-INT(A2) into cell C2 as shown below.


And you could see we have the desired result.


Note-If you have not got result in the desired format, change the format of column B to “Date” and format of column C to “Time” in AM/PM format by right clicking and Format cells.

Hope this helped.

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