Sort By Multiple Columns In Excel

Let’s see how we can sort by multiple columns in excel.

We will see a quick example to understand how to sort the data by more than one column in excel

In the below given data, we want to sort first by column A and then by column B descending (highest to lowest) and then by column E.


Step 1

Select the data and apply sorting from menu or you can use shortcut Alt+D+S.


Step 2

First we have to sort by column A so select Credit Card Product from Sort by box.


Step 3

Click on Add Level to introduce the remaining columns on which we want to do the sorting, in our case its Limit and also by descending.

So select Limit from the Sort by column and select “Largest to Smallest” from Order drop down.


Step 4

Now we have to introduce the third column “Segment” so again Add level and select “Segment”.


Now we are done with the sorting orders, press OK and our data is sorted as per our requirement.


Hope this helped.

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