Sort By Column/Rearrange Columns In Excel

Let’s see how to sort by column in excel. There are several instances when we require the data to be sorted on the basis of columns or swap the columns in excel sheet.

Below is the example which shows how to rearrange the columns in a quick way.


In the data, we would want to sort the columns in the order specified by the numbers highlighted in yellow i.e. 1(Credit Card Product) should appear first and then 2(Limit) should appear second and so on.

Step 1

Select the data and go to filter, alternatively you could use the filter shortcut Alt+D+S.


Step 2

Now go to Options


Step 3

Now select the “Sort left to right” and click OK.


Step 4

Now select Row 1 from the Sort By box as we want our columns to rearrange by the order specified in the row 1 and click OK.



As you could see the columns are rearranged in a quick manner.

Hope this helped.

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