Set Up Margin For Printing In Excel

Let’s see how to leave margin in excel sheet.

Step 1

Go to Margins under PAGE LAYOUT tab in excel as shown below.


Step 2

Depending on your print area requirement, adjust the right, left, top and bottom margin of your sheet, by default its set to Normal.

I will set the margin from Normal to Narrow and if you observe closely the margins which indicated with a very light dashed line will change.

Below is the margin which appears in Normal mode that is there at column I.


And below is the margin that appears if I change it to Narrow Mode, you can see it has shifted to column J.


Step 3

Apart from the defined margins mode in excel, you could also customise the margins by using the Custom Margins at the bottom of the Margins tab as shown below.


Step 4

Click the Custom Margins to manually set up you margins in sheet.


You could manually set your margins from here and also set your page to Horizontal and Vertical by using the checkbox at the below left.

When you are done with margins, click on print preview t the bottom to see how your sheet is going to look while printing.

You could also set header and footer from here.

Hope this helped.

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