See All Sheets/Tabs In Excel/Go To A Sheet/Tab In Excel Quickly

This post demonstrates how could we quickly see all available sheets in excel and navigate directly to any sheet in excel without going through all the sheets.

Sometimes we work with excel workbooks which has a large number of sheets and navigating between them is not a very efficient task if we have to do it sequentially, in this case we would require an efficient way to directly jump to a particular sheet by seeing all the available tabs in excel workbook.

Below is a pic an which shows a workbook that has 12 worksheets (not all of them visible though) and what if I want to go to sheet 3 directly from sheet 12, time taking isn’t it?

excel worbook with large number of sheets/tabs

We will discuss a simple technique here by which you could easily see all the sheets/tabs in the workbook and you could go to any of them directly without having to scroll to it individually.\

To see all the sheets/tabs and go to any sheets/tabs directly just right click anywhere over the arrow icons at the leftmost part of sheet names as shown in the pic below.

technique to see all the sheets/tabs in excel

As you could see in the pic above, all the sheets/tabs are listed in quick way and you could go to any sheets/tabs simply just by clicking on them.

technique to go to a sheet/tab quickly in excel

Here in the pic above I have shown you how to navigate directly to Sheet 3 from Sheet 12 in excel.

Hope this helped.

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