RGB And HSL In Excel

We could use customized color pellet in excel based on our RGB and HSL values.

Some companies work with only a few defined colors and can not use color outside those pre defined colors whether the color is used for logo or for headers or for any other presentable draft.

Let’s see how to use custom color in excel.

There are instances when we have a predefined color pallet which we have to use in excel for formatting. Sometimes we are given the RGB or HSL color value to use in our report.

We could also use custom color in our report in excel to color any cell or range.


Step 1

Select the cell or range in which you want to apply custom color, HSL or RGB color values and go to More colors option as shown below.


Step 2

Go to Custom tab and choose HSL or RGB from color model drop down.


Step 3

Now enter the values of R, G and B manually and click OK.


Select HSL from color model if you wanted HSL combination of colors.


Hope this helped.

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