Remove/Delete $/Dollar Character From Excel Formula

The post demonstrates how to remove/delete $ references from excel formulae.

$ is used to lock any cell or range reference in excel formula, however it’s a very time taking and error prone task if for some reasons we need to remove/delete dollar ‘$’ character from excel formula.


As shown above we have a range of cells having formula with ‘$’ fixed reference and we are required to remove/delete $ reference from excel formula.

Step 1

Press CTRL+`(acute accent key, beside 1 in the keyboard) in the keyboard to see all the formula in the sheet.

You will see all the formulae in the sheet after pressing the above combination as shown below.


Step 2

While we are in the same mode, press CTRl+H to invoke excel find and replace functionality and replace & with blank as shown in the picture below.


Step 3

After pressing Replace All, all the $ character are replaced by blank.


Here I just talked about the $ formula, you could replace any character in the formulae using same approach.

Hope this helped.

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