Remove Blank From Pivot Table In Excel

Pivot table is one of the most significant tool in excel when it comes to analyse the data in a quick way, it is also widely used to present the numbers in a summarised form.

There are instances when we get a different row as blanks(see below) because pivot table groups all the blanks and makes it a different category.

Let’s see how we could remove the blank in pivot table in excel and


As you could see, the category which is blank is highlighted in yellow and we are interested in removing this blank from our pivot table summary.

To do that, click on the arrow symbol in row 3 to expand which is actually a normal filter and deselect the blank from that as shown below.


And click OK.


You could see the blank row has disappeared from the pivot.

You could do the same if you have blank column in your pivot by applying filter in column section.

Hope this helped.

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