Move/Copy Sheet To A Different/Same Workbook In Excel

Let’s see how a sheet in an excel work book could be moved or copied to another excel workbook

Step 1

Suppose I would like to copy or move Sheet2 from the current excel workbook to a different Workbook.


Step 2

Right click on the Sheet 2 and select “Move or Copy” as shown below


Step 3

A box will appear as below


Let’s see the available options here-

To Book-It will show you all the currently open workbooks in your system. To copy/move your sheet to a different or same excel workbook use this drop down .You could create a new excel workbook also and copy/move your sheet to that.


Before Sheet-You could use this option to specify the position of the sheet that you would like to move.


“Create a copy” check box

Check this box if you would like to make a copy of the sheet, if unchecked, will move the selected sheet.

Hope this helped.

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