Insert/Put Period/Dot/Decimal/Point Before A Value In Excel

In this post we will see how we could insert a period/dot/decimal before a value in excel.

There are instances in which we are required to put point/decimal/dot or any character at the beginning of a value in excel.

We will see how to add a period at the beginning of any value irrespective of what is the type of value whether its text or numerical value.

Below is actual data in column A and column B data showing dot at the beginning of every value in cells in excelling.

table showing period befor a value in excel

It’s a very simple task to prefix any value in a cell with a dot/period/decimal.

You could see that we have considered both numeric and text values.

We will use concatenation operator ampersand “&” in excel to add a dot before a value.

Step 1

Enter the formula =”.”&A2 in cell B2 as shown in the pic below.

excel formula to put point before a value in excel

Step 2

Now drag the formula to accommodate all the data in column A as shown in the pic below.

table showing point value inserted before a value in excel

As you could see, we have prefixed all the values in column A with a dot in excel.

To Insert any character/number before any values in excel, just replace the dot in our formula with the character/number that you want to add as a prefix in excel.

E.g. if I want to add a prefix of “@” , then I would use the formula =”@”&A2.

Hope this helped.


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