Insert Page Number In Excel

Let’s see how to insert the page number in excel.

We will see how to insert simple page number and page number of the form “1 of 14” or “2 of 14”.

Step 1

Go to Page Layout view in the View Tab


Step 2

Click on “Click to add header” box


Step 3

Go to Design tab which will be activated as soon as you click on the box.


Step 4

Now click on the Page Number and it will insert a page number code in the box, if you wanted to display the page number at the bottom of page just click on the Go to Footer and then click on page number.


Now click outside the box and it will display the page number of your excel sheet.


Step 5

Now if you want to insert the page number in the form of “1 of total number of pages” or “2 of total number of pages”.

It is very useful in estimating the page number that is yet to go through in case if that is a report.

Use the option called Number of pages and concatenate the word “of” between them as shown below.


As you could see below now we have the required format.


Hope this helped.

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