Insert Minus Sign In Excel

There are two types of challenges here first being inserting a minus sign in excel(or hyphen in string) and the other is inserting a negative number in a cell in excel.

If you start typing minus symbol at the beginning, excel will treat it as formula and thrown an error.

Let’s see how we could insert a minus sign “-” before a value in excel.

There are two aspects to it, one is if you have alphanumeric values in a column and you would like to insert a minus sign before the value so the resultant value is text string only.

Enter the formula below, we will just concatenate a minus sign at the beginning of the value as show below.



In the other scenario when your data is completely numeric and you want to have a minus sign before each value, just multiply them with -1 as show below.

The formula will be =-1*A2


Hope this helped.

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