How To Remove Last Character From Each Words In Excel

We will see how we could remove last alphabet from each words in excel.

We could have two scenario for a situation like this, first we would want to remove the last character if the last character is a particular character like “s” or something.

The other scenario is that we would remove the last character irrespective of what the last character is.

We will see the conditional removal of last character.


In the data above we would want to remove the last character if the last character is “s”.

To achieve that enter the below formula in the cell B2.



Enter the formula and drag it till you have the data available in column A.


You could see the data I row 4 “State” has not changed as it doesn’t have “s” at the last place.

Now we will see a general form of how to remove the last character from a word in excel.

Enter the formula below in cell B2.


As you could see the “e” from “State” has also been removed.

Hope this helped.

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