How To Add Calculated Field In Pivot Table

We will understand about the calculated field in a pivot table in excel. Calculated field is an additional field that is calculated on the basis of other pivot table field.

We have a pivot table as below containing Products, no of units sold and the total price for those no of units.

We want to calculate the unit price for each product from the pivot table given below.

Calculated Field option in excel is used to create the calculated field in pivot table.

We have a pivot table below and we are interested


Step 1

Click on Pivot table and go to Fields, Items and Sets under the Analyze tab in Excel.


Step 2

Select Calculated Field from Fields, Items and Set.


Step 3

Give the name of the field in the Name section, as we want to calculate the unit price for each product, I give the name as Unit Price.


Step 4

Now in the Formula Section, remove the 0 and we have to write a formula to calculate the Unit Price, as Unit Price will calculated based on the fields Price and Actual Volume insert Actual Volume field from the Fields section and click Insert Field.


Now we need to insert another field Actual Volume in the Formula section, put a division symbol in the formula by keyboard and then again insert Actual Volume.


Now click OK


Hope this helped.

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