Highlight Cells With Value Lower Than Average Value Of The Column In Excel

Let’s see how we could highlight the cells having value lower than the average value of that column in excel.

We have the data as shown below and we would like to highlight the cells which are having values less than the average of our data in column A.

We will use a simple conditional formatting feature in excel to get the desired result.


Step 1

Select the data and go to Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules->Less Than Than in home tab as shown below.


Step 2

In the box write the average formula as shown below to highlight the values lower than the average value of the selected data.


And press OK

Step 3

As you could see the values lower than average are highlighted in red. You could extend the range of the data in the formula by editing it and could select different colors as well to highlight from the box appeared in previous step.


Hope this helped.


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