Hide Error In Pivot Table In Excel

Pivot table comes to rescue when we want some quick aggregation in a short notice.We could quickly summarize our data and put it in a presentable tabular format.However we get some frequent error in the pivot table and of course we would not like to show those errors in the presentation.

Its a simple task to hide error in a pivot table with the help of couple of steps.

Let’s see how we can hide error in a pivot table.

When we calculate a field in a pivot table, we get some error which does not look good and presentable.

We will see how to hide or oppress such errors in a pivot table in excel.


Step 1

Select anywhere in the pivot table and go to Pivot Table Options.


Step 2

Tick the checkbox which says “For error values show” and enter the value which you want to be displayed in place of an error in the pivot table in the box next to it.

I have given the values as “NA”, you could give any value that you want to show instead of an error in the pivot table.


The error has been replaced with “NA” as shown below


Hope this helped.

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