Get/Find Month Name From Number In Excel

In this post we will see how to find/get the month name from a given number in excel.

Suppose we have 1 representing Jan, 2 representing Feb and so on.

Our objective here is to get the month’s name from a given number ranging from 1 to 12.

As you could see in the pic below, I have some numbers in column A and the corresponding month’s name in column B.

Getting month’s name from a number is very useful in excel as we perform a lot of calculation on dates like subtracting n number of days from a date, or subtracting n number of months from a date and surely we would like to get the month’s number and subsequently its name.

We will use a simple TEXT formula in excel, which is used to format any text as per our requirement.

The argument of TEXT function is TEXT(VALUE,’Format Text’).

Step 1

Enter the formula  =IF(A2>12,””,TEXT(DATE(2017,A2,1),”mmmm”)) in cell B2, notice that I have put an if condition to check whether the number is greater than 12 or not, in case its greater than 12, we will just show a blank.

In The second part of the formula TEXT, you could see , I have provided the Format text as “mmmm”, which represent the month name in excel. Since we want full month name from a number in excel, we have used “mmmm”, you could also use “mmm”, if you want curtailed version of month name.

Step 2

Hit Enter

You can see, February is populated which is the month name , corresponding to the number 2.

Now drag the formula till the row you have data available.

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