Find Trailing Space In Excel

There are situation when we try to look up some value in excel but we do not get the desired result because of some unseen data that is available in the cell.

Trailing spaces are one of them,they are not visible generally and may lead to undesirable results if you are doing lookup or comparing strings in excel.Finding trailing spaces is simple and we will see how to find and remove trailing spaces by using excel formula

We will see a simple formula by which we can easily find out if the trailing spaces are there in string or not. We will combine RIGHT and IF formula in excel to determine the trailing spaces.


As we could see in the example above, there are trailing spaces present in the data which could not be found out just by looking the data so enter the formula below in cell B2 and drag down till the data is available in column A.

=IF(RIGHT(A2,1)=” “,”YES”,”NO”)


Hope this helped.

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