Filter By Font Size In Excel

Let’s see how to filter by font size in excel.

In our day to day office work, we often come across datasets that have columns having mixed font sizes and we want to apply filter on that font only.

We will see a simple example to see how we can filter by font size in excel.


Step 1

Press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to open Find toolbox in excel and go to Format as show below.


Step 2

Go to Font tab and select the font name, Font Style and Font Size by which you want to filter the data. As I would want to filter for Arial 12 Bold in my data here so I have selected them as shown below and press OK.


You could also select any cell manually which has the same format by which you want to apply the filter by “Choose Format From Cell” option at the left bottom corner of the Find Format feature as shown in the picture above.

Step 3

Now you will get the window as shown below where you could see all the data that has the same format for which the filter was applied for.


Select all by pressing keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A


Step 4

You could see the actual data in your column is highlighted now.


Now change the color of the selected cells to yellow or to any of your favourite color.


Step 5

Now Apply filter and filter by cell color as show below.


As you could see the data is filtered by your font formatting.


Hope this helped.

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