Fill The Blank Cells In A Column From The Cell Values Above Them

The post demonstrates how to fill the blank values from the values that are written above them as explained in the post below.


As you can see in the data above we have Products in column A but is not continuous, the data value is there for only one date and we would want to fill the blanks  with the product data that is just above the blank cell till we have reached the end of  data in column B(Date).

This is one of the situation that you come across in excel and I rarely found any solution to this in the internet (without using VB programming).

I will present a very simple solution to do that.

Step 1

Select the Product column till we have the date as shown below-


Step 2

Press F5 to get the go to box-


Step 3

Press “Special” at the bottom left corner and Go To Special Box will appear and select “Blanks” and press OK-


Step 4

After Pressing OK, all the blanks cells will be highlighted as shown below-


Step 5

Now press F2 and insert the formula in A3 and do not click anywhere otherwise the selected blank cells will be deselected.


Step 6

After inserting the formula in A3, press Ctrl+Enter to populate all the blank cells with the previous Products.


Hope this helped. You could use this technique for similar other stuffs.

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