Fill Blank Cells With Zero In Excel

Let’s see how to fill the blank cells in a sheet with 0 in excel.

We often come across a situation where we have to fill the blanks with 0 or with any value that serves our purpose.

We will see an easy example as to how to fill the blank cell with 0 in excel.

Below is the sample data in which we want to fill blank with 0.


Step 1

Select the data part in the table and press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G to open the Go to option in excel.


Step 2

Click on “Special” option at the bottom left corner and select the blank, press OK.


Step 3

It will show you all the cells in your selection with blank.


Step 4

Now press F2, enter “0” and press Ctrl+Enter to populate all the blank cells with 0.



Hope this helped.


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