Extract Name From Email Address In Excel

Let’s see how to extract the name from the email addresses given.

Generally the email addresses are of the form firstname.lastname @xxxx.com in several organisation and we have to extract the names from them.

We will see a quick way in excel to extract the names.

We have the emails in the column A and the corresponding extracted name in the column B below.


We will take the use of excel functions Substitute, left and Find to extract the names.

Enter the formula below in cell B1 and drag till the data is available in the column.

=SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A2,FIND(“@”,A2,1)-1),”.”,” “)


As you could see below we have the names extracted in the column B


That was the case when the email addresses are of the form firstname.lastname@xxxx.com.

Suppose we have the email addresses are of the form lastname.firstname@xxxx.com and we will assume that the email addresses given in the column A are of the lastname.firstname@xxxx.com

In that case create another column C along with B as explained earlier with the following formula.

=RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-FIND(” “,B2))&” “&LEFT(B2,FIND(” “,B2)) in cell C2


Hope this helped.

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