Exclude Blank Dates From VLOOKUP Formula In Excel

In this post we will see how to exclude blank dates from being pulled by vlookup formula in excel, we observe that vlookup formula returns 0 date value like 00-01-1900 when the formula doesn’t find any date value and we will see how not to include 00-01-1900 values in vlookup formula.

Below is an example in which we see how the values are pulled by vlookup formula and you can see that vlookup formula has pulled 00-01-1900 as date values when it doesn’t find the dates corresponding to the value in column F and our job here is to exclude these 00-01-1900 or blank values from being pulled in vlookup formula.

Excel showing blank dates in sample data

We will create a new column and will enter below formula to get the result in which vlookup formula will not include 00-01-1900 as date values.

=TEXT(G3, “mm-dd-yyyy;;;”)

Vlookup to exclude 00-01-1900 from showing in dates

This formula has semicolons that tells excel not to show 00-01-1900 when value is not available.

Press enter after entering the formula and copy paste the formula downwards to get the date values for all the values in column F.

Excel formula to convert 00-01-1900 into blanks

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