Excel Formula To Check If A Sheet Exists Or Not

The post demonstrates how to check if a sheet exists or not in excel using simple excel formula.

The formula return TRUE if the sheet exists and FALSE if the sheet does not exists.

Let us suppose that we want to check if Sheet4 exists in the excel workbook or not.

Insert the below formula in a cell in excel.

A1 is just used as a reference inside that sheet, so with the help of reference(A1) we are determining the presence or absence of a given sheet.


As you could see there is not any sheet called Sheet4 in my excel workbook, the formula would return FALSE


Also if your sheet name lies in a cell then use the below formula.

I want to check whether the sheet name (Sheet2) that is there in the cell F22 is present in the excel workbook or not.


As Sheet2 is available in my workbook, the formula returns TRUE.


Hope this helped.

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