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In this post we will see different types of text alignment (Left alignment, right alignment, center alignment) and text control like wrap text and Merge & Center in excel.

Formatting has an important role to play when it comes to readability and presentation of your data since well aligned and well formatted document definitely has greater advantage than the ones that are not.

Text Alignment

There are two types of text alignment in excel-

  • Horizontal Alignment
  • Vertical Alignment

horizontal and vertical alignment of text in excel

Horizontal Alignment is of three types i.e. Left, Right and Center which are displayed above in the Pic

Select the cell or range of cells that you want to apply the alignment to and click on the relevant icon to align them as shown in the figure below.

Left,right and center aligned text in excel

I have selected the left aligned icon (leftmost icon) for the first text, centre aligned (middle icon) for second text and Right aligned icon (Rightmost icon) for the third text and you could see they are aligned accordingly.

Now we will see how we could align text vertically in excel.

vertical justified, vertical center and vertical bottom alignment in excel

In the figure above, you could see the vertical alignments i.e. Vertical Justified, Vertical Center and Vertical Bottom. Select the cell or range of cells and click on the icons to adjust the text accordingly.

Wrap Text

Wrap Text is a very useful feature in excel that spreads the text value across several lines if the sentence is too big. It improves the readability of the text content by increasing the height of the cell as you enter sentence in the cell.

Wrap text icon is available in the Home tab as shown below.

wrap text in excel

We will see how we could apply Wrap Text with the help of an example below.

As you could see below, we have a text in cell A1 but is not much readable.

explaining wrap text with example

To apply Wrap Text, select the cell or range of cells and click on the Wrap Text icon.

wrap text applied to the cell

As we can see that the cell content is spread across several lines and excel has increased the cell height to accommodate that.

click on wrap  text icon

Merge & Center

If you want to combine or merge more than one cells into a single cellĀ  then use Merge & Center option in excel in the Home tab in excel.

merge and center is available in the home tab in excel

Select the cells that you want to merge and click on Merge & Center icon.

cells are merged into a single cell

In the example above I had selected the cell from A1 to A4 and you could see these 4 cells are merged into a single cell.

To un-merge the merged cells, click on Merge & Center icon again and that will dissociate all the cells that have been merged.

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