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In this post we will try to understand how we could filter data in excel.

To see only a subset of data based on certain conditions we could use excel filters.

We have a sample data on which we will apply filter and will try to understand different aspects about data filter in excel.

data table to demonstrate filter in excel

Suppose we want to see the data only for North region-

To do that select the data and click the filter icon in the Data tab.

table showing how to apply filter in excel

You will see that small arrow symbol will appear in the column name which we will click to apply the criteria.

data filter is applied on the data table

Click the small arrow symbol to filter the dataset for North region from the checkboxes that appear below.

First Uncheck “Select All” to remove all selections and then select “North” and click OK as shown in the figure below.

table showing how to select value to filter data

As you could see below we have got the data subset for North only.

multiple filtering criteria in excel

Now we will see the data only for salesman Rikki, to do that click the arrow symbol in salesman column and select Rikki and then press OK.

table showing how to apply multiple criteria in excel

As you could see below we have the data filtered for North region and salesman Rikki.

excel filter data on multiple columns

To remove all the applied filters, click on the clear symbol just beside the Filter symbol in the Data tab as shown in the figure below.

clearing filter from data in excel

After clearing all the filters applied we have the original data set as shown below.

data on which filter was applied

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