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Cell Color

Cell fill or cell color is used to color the excel cell with the color of your choice.

Sometimes we may be required to color code some values so that it is highlighted for the viewers for example, it is seen often that values are color coded in green, red  and yellow that represents the performance.

To color a cell or a range of cells, first select the cell or range of cells and go to Fill color icon in the Home tab to select the color that you want the range or cell to be filled with as shown below.

Explaining cell fill and cell color in excel

In the above example I have selected the range from A2 to C5 and have filled it yellow.

Font Color

Font color is the color of the text in excel.

By default the color is automatic which is black shown below.

Explaining font color in excel

To change the color of the font select the cell and click on the Font color icon and choose the color of your desire.

process to change font color in excel

Here I have selected orange color.

Font Type & Font Size

Excel has a large number of font style that we could use and also the font size.

In the Home tab, we  could change the font style and font size at the drop of a hat.

Select the cell in which you have the text and expand the font drop down as shown below.

process to change font type in excel

We have umpteen number of fonts that are available to us in excel.

Also just beside that we could change the font size  by selecting the size from the drop down as shown below.

process explaining how to change font size in excel

Cell Border

By default, cells have light blue color borders but if you want your cell or range to have a distinct border lines you could easily do that using Cell Border functionality in excel available in the Home tab.

You could cutomise the border that you want to have, if you want only to have border at the bottom of the cell or only at the top of the cell, we could that with the help of border functionality.

Select the cell or range that you want to have border on and click on drop down of border functionality as shown in the figure below.

explaining how to draw cell border in excel

Also notice that we could manually draw borline by defining line color and texture all by ourselves by using the options available to us at the bottom(enclosed in black).

As you could see we have multiple options to define border around a cell also notice several line related options which would define the appearance of  border line like color,width of the line,type of line etc.

You could also delete any existing borders by using Erase border functionality.

More borders option gives you the control to draw the borders at a very granular level.

The more you start using these options the more you will be aware of different type of options that excel give us as far as cell borders are concerned.

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