Display Negative/Minus Sign As Exclamation Sign In Excel/Replace Minus Sign In Excel

In this post we will see how we could customize negative/minus sign in excel to display it as exclamation mark or tilde symbol.

We could change how the negative/minus sign is displayed in excel by applying a custom format to a cell or to a range in excel.

You could see below we have some negative values in column A and we want to display the negative sign as exclamation symbol as shown in column B or display them as tilde symbol as shown in column C.

explaining how to custom display negative symbol in excel

We will use a custom format string to display the negative/minus sign as tilde symbol or exclamation symbol.

Step 1

Select the cell or range that you want to apply the format to display negative symbol as tilde or exclamation symbol and press Ctrl+1 to open the format menu, you could also right click on the selection to select the Format Cells.

step explaining how to insert format string to customize negative symbol in excel

Step 2

Now paste the format string General;”!”General;0 in the Type section as shown in the figure below and press OK.

inserting format string to change negative symbol

You will see the negative signs have been displayed by “!” after applying the format.

output showing negative symbol has been converted to exclamation symbol

Change the “!” character in format string to any character that you want and negative sign will be displayed by that particular character.

If I were to show the negative symbol by tilde symbol “~”, I would paste the string format General;”~”General;0

Hope this helped.

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