Display Blank If Linked Cell Is Blank In Excel

In this post we will see how we can display blank in a cell if the linked cell is blank.

This phenomena is very common in excel, when your cells are all linked with some other excel files, excel displays 0 for all the blank values that are there in the source file.

We will see how we could change those 0’s to blank using a simple IF formula in excel.

Below you could see  0 for the linked cells that are blank in source file.

My link is =[Book2]Sheet1!A5

Enter the formula =IF([Book2]Sheet1!A2=””,””,[Book2]Sheet1!A2) in cell A2.

This excel formula is using IF condition to determine if the linked cell is blank or not, and displaying blank in case it is blank.

Now drag the formula till you have the data in column A.

Now as you could see, the 0’s that were there because of the blanks in linked cells have disappeared and have been replaced by blanks.

Hope this helped.

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