Create Checklist In Excel

Let’s see how to create a checklist in excel to know the current status of the action items.

Below checklist gives us the idea of the pending action items in a visually appealing way, Checklist in excel is used for various purpose like things to do before presentation.

Below is an example of checklist which shows us things to do before leaving for a holiday.


Step 1

Select the range in the status column and got to Conditional Formatting->New Rules.


Step 2

Now there are a few changes that need to be done. We will set them to values shown below by using their drop downs.

Change Format Style to Icon Sets

Change First Icon to Green Tick Symbol

Change Second Icon to Red Cross Symbol

Select/Check the Show Icon Only

Change the Type to Number

Enter the value 1 for Green Tick Symbol and 0 for Red Cross Symbol.


Step 3

Press Ok and the format will be applied and will create the desired checklist in your excel sheet.

Now it’s time to go through our checklist items, if the item is completed enter 1 against that value and if they are not, enter 0.


As soon as you enter you will see the corresponding icons to indicate whether the item is completed or not.


Hope this helped.


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