Create A Task Reminder In Excel

We are tend to forget some the stuffs that we are required to do in our offices or in our day to day life for example stuffs to pack before leaving for a holiday etc.

Let’s see how to create a simple daily task reminder in excel.

We will see how we can create a task reminder in excel to organise our day to day work with the help of simple formula in conditional formatting.

Below we have the predetermined list of work along with their dates. We want to highlight the tasks that are due for today i.e. June 28th 2016.


Step 1

Select the entire A and B column data to apply the conditional formula


Step 2

Go to New Rule under Conditional Formatting.


Step 3

Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” and enter the formula =B2=TODAY() in the formula box and choose the color with which you want to highlight the task by using Format button.


Press OK and you are done with the task reminder in excel.

Hope this helped.


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