Counting Frequency Of Max In A Column In Excel

The post demonstrates how we could find the frequency of the maximum number in a column i.e. how many times the maximum number in a column has appeared.

Below is the data in which we will try to find the frequency of the max in a column.

As you could see, the maximum number in column A is 65 and it has repeated thrice and in cell C2, we have shown the number 3 which denotes the frequency.

We will use a COUNT IF and MAX formula in excel to achieve our goal here.

Enter the formula =COUNTIF(A2:A17,MAX(A2:A17)) in cell C2, this formula first calculates the MAX in the range that we have provided, in this case A2 to A17 and then uses COUNTIF in the same range to determine the number of times the max is repeated.

The formula serves our purpose here, and if you are interested in finding what the max value is in a column, just enter the formula MAX (A2:A17) anywhere and it will give us the max in the given range.

Hope this helped.


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