Convert Text URL Column Into Hyperlinks In Excel

In this post we will see how could we convert a number of text url’s in a column to hyperlink at once.

It could prove to be a hectic task if you have a list of text url’s in a column in excel, and you need t9o convert them into hyperlinks.

There could be two approach two convert a list of text url’s into hyperlink, first approach would be to do so one by one (which would be quite exhaustive, needless to say)  and the other one would be to convert all of them into hyperlinks all at once with the help of formula in excel.

Below is the sample data which shows a list of text url’s in column A, and we want to have them converted into hyperlinks.

table showin text url's

We will use a simple HYPERLINK() formula in excel to convert a large number of text URL’s into hyperlink.

Enter formula =HYPERLINK(A2) in cell B2 to convert text url in cell A1 into hyperlink.

excel formula converting text url's into hyperlinks

Now drag the formula till row number 5 to convert all the text url’s into hyperlink in excel.table showing text url converted into hyperlinks

As you could see, all the text url’s in column A have been converted into hyperlinks.

Hope this helped.


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