Conditional Formatting Cell Border In Excel

In this post we will see how could we change the color of cell border by conditional formatting using formula in excel.
Using conditional formatting to format the cell border color in excel is as similar as performing any operation using conditional formatting.
We could change the border color of any cell by using conditional formatting using formula.
Suppose we want to color the cell border of all the even number in the below range to green i.e. all the even number cell border should be green using formula in conditional formatting.

conditional formatting cell border based on value

Step 1 

Select the range of data for which we want to change the border color.

table showing how to apply conditional formatting to color cell borders

Step 2

Go to Conditional Formatting section in the Home tab in excel and select New Rule as shown in the pic below.

inserting formula to apply conditional formatting cell borders

Step 3

By clicking New Rule you will get the Formatting Rule box as shown below, select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” option from the box and enter the formula =ISEVEN(A3) in the formula bar.

ISEVEN returns TRUE/FALSE depending on whether the value in that cell is even/odd.

I have taken the argument as A3 as our data range starts from A3 and the click on the Format button as shown in the figure below.

entering formula to determine which cell borders to colour

Step 4

Once you click Format, below screen would appear.

Select the Border tab and the Outline and then select the color you want to format the cell border with, here I have selected color as green and press OK.

showing how to select cell border option to apply conditional formatting

Step 5

As you could see the border color of cell that has even number has become green now as intended.

cell borders showing conditional formatting is applied

This is just a simple example to demonstrate the working way, you could use this method to satisfy your formula and conditions to color the cell border based on the conditional formatting.

Hope this helped.

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