Concatenate Text And Date In A Cell In Excel

In this post we will see how we could concatenate a text and a date in a single cell in excel.

Since the data types are different we could not just use the concatenation operator & to join both text and a date value in a single cell in excel.

In the below pic you could see that we have combined a text string “As of” with the formula driven date in the format mm/dd/yy.

The date which is combined with text string in the cell is coming from a formula called TODAY() which returns today’s date, TODAY() formula  doesn’t take any argument.

cell showing text and date concatenated

We will concatenate a string with date in a single cell in excel by using concatenation operator and a formula called TEXT().

Enter the formula =”As of “&TEXT(TODAY(),”mm/dd/yyyy:”) in the cell A1 as shown in the pic below.

formula to concatenate text and date

As you could see, we have kept the text value within double quotes to tell excel that it’s a string which needs to be concatenated with the date.

TEXT(value,format) formula is used to format any value in the format specified in the second argument.

Value is the value that you want to format and format is the format string which decides the appearing of your data.

So in our formula, we are appending a text string with today’s date and the date is being formatted as mm/dd/yy by using TEXT function.

Output of text function is concatenated with the string “As of” and gives the output as shown below.

cell showing text and date concatenated

You could change the date format to dd/mm/yy or any other format that you wish.

Hope this helped.


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