Check If A Date Falls In A Given Week In Excel

This post demonstrates how we could determine if a date falls in a given week.For planning purpose we are required to have such knowledge.

Let’s check in simple steps how we can check that a given date falls in a given week in excel.

Suppose we have a task start date, task end date and the week starting dates in columns and we are interested to have values as “Yes” or “No” depending on whether the task start and task end date falls under a given week as represented below.

The dates in row 2 are the week starting date.


Step 1

We will write a simple below formula using IF and OR function in excel.


D2 is the week starting date and E2 is the week ending date.

B2 is the task start date and C2 is the task end date.


Step 2

Now copy and paste the formula in the entire table as shown.


Hope this helped.

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