Change Name Range In Excel

Name range is of the most useful features in excel.The challenge in our day to day excel activities are that we do not have fixed data table, data may vary from pint to point hence the range that has been defined on that particular data table has to be edited in order to include those new rows of additional data.

Changing name range is an easy task with couple of steps mentioned below.

Let’s see how to change the name of an already defined range in excel.

We have a name range called “Customer” and we would like to change the name of the range to “CustomerArchive”.


Step 1

Press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F3 to open the Name Manager in excel and select the name range to change its name and click on the Edit button.


Step 2

Enter the new name for the range in the Name box, in this case I have typed “CustomerArchive”.


And press OK, your name range has been renamed.

Hope this helped.

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