Apply Different Formats/Format Style To Different Words/Characters In Excel

The post demonstrates how to format individual character/word in a sentence to a different format as shown in the pic below.

Sometimes we have a long paragraph or text in which we want to highlight some important things in a visually appealing way and also do not want to delete other remaining parts.

As you could see in the pic above, all the three words in a sentence are having a different font style or format; we could easily format different characters with different colors, different font style and different font size.

We will see below how we could apply different formats to different characters/words in excel.

Step 1

Select the first part i.e. “How” and change the font style to bold and change the font type to Arial Black in the home tab as shown in the fig below

Step 2

Now select a different text i.e. “are” and change the font style to italic and font type to Broadway as shown in the pic below.

And likewise you could choose different format for different words/character in excel.

I have selected the font type of “you” to Brush Script MT and changed the font color to Red.

Also, if you want you can format each individual character in a text in excel to a different format style.

Hope this helped.

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