Add Time To A DateTime Value In Excel

In his post we will see how to add time to an existing date time value in excel, below data has date time values in excel column A in which we want to add 6 minutes to each of the date time values in column A.

Excel showing date time values in which we need to add time

As you can see in the data that column B has new date time values that are incremented by 6 minutes, we will use a formula in excel called Time(hour, minute, second) which adds or subtract time value from a date time value.

We can specify hour, minute or second to existing date time value.

Enter the formula in cell B2 =A2+TIME(0,6,0) where A2 is the date time value in which we want to add 6 minutes.

excel formula to add hour/minute/second to excel

Now drag the formula till row 6 to accommodate all the values we have in column A

minute is added to the date time value in excel

You can provide negative prefix “-“ in the hour, minute or second argument in the TIME formula to subtract time value from date time value.

Hope this helped.

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