Add Prefix/Suffix To A Text/Value In Excel

In this post we will see how we could add/prefix a string to each value in a column in excel and how to append/suffix a string to each value in excel.

There are times when we are required to add some text before a value in a column in excel, for example in the data below we have employee id in column A and we have added/prefixed a string “A_” at the starting of each employee id for some requirement in column B also you could see that in the column C we have suffixed the employee department id for each of the value in the column A.


It’s a very simple operation to concatenate text string with any data value with the help of concatenation operator & in excel.

Step 1

Enter the formula =”A_”&A2 in cell B1, as you could see the string which we want to add to a data value should be within the quotes as A_ is in our formula.


Similarly to add suffix to a data value in a column insert the formula =A2&”_Dept_1″ in cell C2 as shown below.

You could see this time we have added the string at the last and have joined them with the help of concatenation operator & in excel.


Step 2

Now drag the formulae to the last to cover the entire data in column A


As you could see we have added a string in the beginning and at the end of a value in excel.

You could use the same method to add any of the string that you want within Quotes.

Hope this helped.

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