Add One/N Month To Date In Excel

In this post we will see how we could advance a date by one/n month in excel.

In several day to day excel task we are required to predict the date after exact addition of n month e.g. patient discharge date after a month or student course completion date after a certain number of month etc.

Suppose there is date Oct 7th and we want to get the same date but for different month i.e. Nov 7th.

We could advance the month by a month or by N month based on the argument that we provide in the excel formula.

We will use simple date related functions in excel to advance the month by one.


Step 1

Insert the formula =DATE(YEAR(A2),MONTH(A2)+1,DAY(A2)) in the cell B2 as shown below


What we are doing with the help of this formula is we are extracting the date, year and month part of the date that we have in cell A2.

Now our motive is to advance the month by one so we have hardcoded “+1” in the formula in the month part.

In place of 1 add N to advance the month by n month.

Hope this helped.

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